Laser hair removal at home

Are you fed up of shaving or waxing your legs and other more private areas? I and many other across the world are but there is a solution. Laser hair removal. Thanks to some really intelligent boffins somewhere you can now buy laser hair removal systems to use in the sanctuary of your own home.

I started shaving my legs a long long time ago and as you will know those little bristles just come back angrier and thicker than before. I’ve put up with it for long enough and have decided to make a stand. I recently bought a Tria Laser 4X after reading reviews on home laser hair removal.


The benefits

There are multiple benefits to using a system but they depend on whether you already use lasers at a clinic or spa or whether you are just a home waxer.

1. Savings

Save loads of money on clinic sessions. Some LA clinics charge around $500 per session. You can buy your own top of the range FDA approved system for that much money making them much more affordable in the long term. The result are also permanent so you will also save money on razors, axes and creams.

2. Its permanent

Don’t worry about if you remembered to wax when going on that beach trip. With laser hair removal you will be smooth all year round and ready for any eventuality. Clear armpits, legs and bikini line will leave you feeling confident and relaxed not to mention not more waxing or shaving rashes.

leg-flowers3. Removed ingrown hairs

If you suffer from ingrown hairs you’ll know how hard they are to remove and how painful they can become. Lasers target the hair follicle so your ingrown hair problem will be a thing of the past.

4. Privacy

If you have a problem disrobing in front of people then going to a spa or clinic isn’t for you. With a home system you no longer have to show your most intimate areas. Everything you do will be in the privacy of your own home and as an added bonus you can do it whenever you want to. No more needing to make appointments to keep at clinics.

laserIs Laser Hair Removal for Everybody?

White skin and dark hair is the best skin type for laser hair removal as it gives the device a great target. If you have dark skin and dark hair then it is harder for the device to recognize the hair follicle. It’s also similar for white blonde hair on white skin however the best devices now have sensors that you can adjust to suit your won skin type meaning that it will work for the large amount of people.

Laser removal is expected to work over around 3 months. Longer than that and you will start to see permanent results. It’s also great for facial hair too and as a result I now have 2 devices. One for the larger parts of my body and I’ve recently bought the Tria Laser Precision to accurately zap upper lip hairs and my bikini line. I’ll never look back again.